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With prefect-dbt, you can easily trigger and monitor dbt Cloud jobs, execute dbt Core CLI commands, and incorporate other services, like Snowflake, into your dbt runs!

Check out the examples below to get started!

Getting Started

Be sure to install prefect-dbt and save a block to run the examples below!

Integrate dbt Cloud jobs with Prefect flows

If you have an existing dbt Cloud job, take advantage of the flow, run_dbt_cloud_job.

This flow triggers the job and waits until the job run is finished.

If certain nodes fail, run_dbt_cloud_job efficiently retries the specific, unsuccessful nodes.

from prefect import flow

from import DbtCloudJob
from import run_dbt_cloud_job

def run_dbt_job_flow():
    result = run_dbt_cloud_job(
    return result


Integrate dbt Core CLI commands with Prefect flows

prefect-dbt also supports execution of dbt Core CLI commands.

To get started, if you don't have a DbtCoreOperation block already saved, set the commands that you want to run; it can include a mix of dbt and non-dbt commands.

Then, optionally specify the project_dir.

If profiles_dir is unset, it will try to use the DBT_PROFILES_DIR environment variable. If that's also not set, it will use the default directory $HOME/.dbt/.

Using an existing profile

If you already have an existing dbt profile, specify the profiles_dir where profiles.yml is located.

from prefect import flow
from prefect_dbt.cli.commands import DbtCoreOperation

def trigger_dbt_flow() -> str:
    result = DbtCoreOperation(
        commands=["pwd", "dbt debug", "dbt run"],
    return result


Writing a new profile

To setup a new profile, first save and load a DbtCliProfile block and use it in DbtCoreOperation.

Then, specify profiles_dir where profiles.yml will be written.

from prefect import flow
from prefect_dbt.cli import DbtCliProfile, DbtCoreOperation

def trigger_dbt_flow():
    dbt_cli_profile = DbtCliProfile.load("DBT-CORE-OPERATION-BLOCK-NAME-PLACEHOLDER")
    with DbtCoreOperation(
        commands=["dbt debug", "dbt run"],
    ) as dbt_operation:
        dbt_process = dbt_operation.trigger()
        # do other things before waiting for completion
        result = dbt_process.fetch_result()
    return result



If you need help getting started with or using dbt, please consult the dbt documentation.


To use prefect-dbt with dbt Cloud:

pip install prefect-dbt

To use dbt Core (CLI):

pip install "prefect-dbt[cli]"

To use dbt Core with Snowflake profiles:

pip install "prefect-dbt[snowflake]"

To use dbt Core with BigQuery profiles:

pip install "prefect-dbt[bigquery]"

To use dbt Core with Postgres profiles:

pip install "prefect-dbt[postgres]"

Some dbt Core profiles require additional installation

According to dbt's Databricks setup page, users must first install the adapter:

pip install dbt-databricks

Check out the desired profile setup page on the sidebar for others.

Requires an installation of Python 3.8+.

We recommend using a Python virtual environment manager such as pipenv, conda or virtualenv.

These tasks are designed to work with Prefect 2. For more information about how to use Prefect, please refer to the Prefect documentation.

Saving credentials to block

Note, to use the load method on Blocks, you must already have a block document saved through code or saved through the UI.

Registering blocks

Register blocks in this module to view and edit them on Prefect Cloud:

prefect block register -m prefect_dbt

A list of available blocks in prefect-dbt and their setup instructions can be found here.

dbt Cloud

To create a dbt Cloud credentials block:

  1. Head over to your dbt Cloud profile.
  2. Login to your dbt Cloud account.
  3. Scroll down to "API" or click "API Access" on the sidebar.
  4. Copy the API Key.
  5. Click Projects on the sidebar.
  6. Copy the account ID from the URL:<ACCOUNT_ID>.
  7. Create a short script, replacing the placeholders.
from import DbtCloudCredentials


Then, to create a dbt Cloud job block:

  1. Head over to your dbt home page.
  2. On the top nav bar, click on Deploy -> Jobs.
  3. Select a job.
  4. Copy the job ID from the URL:<ACCOUNT_ID>/projects/<PROJECT_ID>/jobs/<JOB_ID>
  5. Create a short script, replacing the placeholders.
from import DbtCloudCredentials, DbtCloudJob

dbt_cloud_credentials = DbtCloudCredentials.load("CREDENTIALS-BLOCK-NAME-PLACEHOLDER")
dbt_cloud_job = DbtCloudJob(

Congrats! You can now easily load the saved block, which holds your credentials:

from import DbtCloudJob


dbt Core CLI

Available TargetConfigs blocks

The following may vary slightly depending on the service you want to incorporate.

Visit the API Reference to see other built-in TargetConfigs blocks.

If the desired service profile is not available, check out the Examples Catalog to see how you can build one from the generic TargetConfigs class.

To create dbt Core target config and profile blocks for BigQuery:

  1. Save and load a GcpCredentials block.
  2. Determine the schema / dataset you want to use in BigQuery.
  3. Create a short script, replacing the placeholders.
from prefect_gcp.credentials import GcpCredentials
from prefect_dbt.cli import BigQueryTargetConfigs, DbtCliProfile

credentials = GcpCredentials.load("CREDENTIALS-BLOCK-NAME-PLACEHOLDER")
target_configs = BigQueryTargetConfigs(
    schema="SCHEMA-NAME-PLACEHOLDER",  # also known as dataset

dbt_cli_profile = DbtCliProfile(

Then, to create a dbt Core operation block:

  1. Determine the dbt commands you want to run.
  2. Create a short script, replacing the placeholders.
from prefect_dbt.cli import DbtCliProfile, DbtCoreOperation

dbt_cli_profile = DbtCliProfile.load("DBT-CLI-PROFILE-BLOCK-NAME-PLACEHOLDER")
dbt_core_operation = DbtCoreOperation(

Congrats! You can now easily load the saved block, which holds your credentials:

from import DbtCoreOperation



If you encounter any bugs while using prefect-dbt, feel free to open an issue in the prefect-dbt repository.

If you have any questions or issues while using prefect-dbt, you can find help in the Prefect Slack community.

Feel free to star or watch prefect-dbt for updates, too!


If you'd like to help contribute to fix an issue or add a feature to prefect-dbt, please propose changes through a pull request from a fork of the repository.

Here are the steps:

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Clone the forked repository
  3. Install the repository and its dependencies:
    pip install -e ".[dev]"
  4. Make desired changes
  5. Add tests
  6. Insert an entry to
  7. Install pre-commit to perform quality checks prior to commit:
    pre-commit install
  8. git commit, git push, and create a pull request