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Blocks Catalog

Below is a list of Blocks available for registration in prefect-snowflake.

To register blocks in this module to view and edit them on Prefect Cloud, first install the required packages, then

prefect block register -m prefect_snowflake
Note, to use the load method on Blocks, you must already have a block document saved through code or saved through the UI.

Credentials Module


Block used to manage authentication with Snowflake.

To load the SnowflakeCredentials:

from prefect import flow
from prefect_snowflake.credentials import SnowflakeCredentials

def my_flow():
    my_block = SnowflakeCredentials.load("MY_BLOCK_NAME")

For additional examples, check out the Credentials Module under Examples Catalog.

Database Module


Perform data operations against a Snowflake database.

To load the SnowflakeConnector:

from prefect import flow
from prefect_snowflake.database import SnowflakeConnector

def my_flow():
    my_block = SnowflakeConnector.load("MY_BLOCK_NAME")

For additional examples, check out the Database Module under Examples Catalog.